Tasting Notes

The Morton Range

Merry Mount 3.8% abv

Our traditional session bitter. Burnished gold in colour, Pilot and Sovereign hops are combined to create a pleasant refreshing brew.

Jelly Roll 4.2% abv

A pale mash hopped ale. Orangey hop aroma with a grassy hint. Citrus fruit and slightly sweet, a dry finish makes it a perfectly good sessionable bitter.

Scottish Maiden 4.6% abv

An amber bitter with a fruity malt aroma. Earthy hops, biscuity malt, with a decent bitter finish.

The Seasonal Range

Forever in Darkness 4.0% abv SPRING

A brown mild with nutty Crystal malt flavours, but with an ABV a bit higher than most mild ales.

Penkside Pale 3.6% abv SUMMER

Pale malt and lager malt are used along with Pilot and Goldings hops to create a very light and refreshing brew.

Gregorys Gold 4.4% abv AUTUMN

A burnished golden ale single hopped with Sovereign, delicately flavoured with some dry hops in the mash.

Irish George 5.0% abv WINTER

A traditional Stout, black in colour with a light brown head. The roasted barley in the grist, makes this a wonderful rich and roasty brew.

The Essington Range

Essington Dark Mild 3.6% abv

Generous use of Crystal and Chocolate malts for a full flavour, then lightly hopped to retain the style of a true low abv mild ale.

Essington Bitter 3.8% abv

A traditional session bitter, amber gold in colour with a fruity hoppy taste. Nice and refreshing.

Essington Blonde 4.0% abv

Our first ale produced using American Summit hops, a light refreshing brew with a citrus hoppy aroma.

Essington Ale 4.2% abv

A pale ale, brewed using pale and wheat malt. Hopped with Challenger for bitterness and Goldings for aroma.
The taste is well balanced with a fruity palate and a dry malty finish. A good thirst quencher!

Essington Gold 4.4% abv

Brewers Gold and East Kent Goldings hops are combined to create a full bodied golden ale, refreshing bitterness is followed with a sweet finish.

Essington Supreme 4.6% abv

A strong brown ale with sumptuous Crystal malt flavours, triple late hopped with a combination of Fuggles, Challenger, and Goldings hops.

Essington IPA 4.8% abv

Pale, bitter, strong, hoppy. A true IPA using Pale malt, Lager malt and a generous charge of Brewers Gold hops for a powerful aroma.

Essington Old Ale 5.0% abv

Dark brown winter warmer, full of caramel and chocolate flavours with a dry spicy finish.

The USA series

Moxee Valley IPA 5.5% abv
A west coast style pale ale

Alcatraz 4.6% abv
A California steam beer

Brooklyn Blue 4.6% abv
A harvest wheat beer (clear) infused with blueberry juice

Coneydog Lite 4.2% abv
A crisp citrussy pale ale

Skagway 4.4% abv
An Alaskan smoked porter

Ground Zero 4.8% abv
A classic American hoppy pale ale